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Innovative Solutions

We believe that design creativity and manufacturing excellence can optimize your backend Semiconductor Assembly and Test operations. We are focused on developing leading edge precision engineered tooling to improve your productivity and yield.


Business Sectors

We offer customized, application specific tooling solutions for the global Semiconductor Assembly and Test industry. Oricus Semicon offers solutions for three main business sectors.

Every Assembly and Test application requires a unique tooling solution. Find out more on our company and how our strong team of experienced Semiconductor industry professionals can help you.

Featured Resources

Completion of new R&D Facility

We are pleased to announce that Oricus Semicon has officially started operations in its new R&D Facility in Singapore. This new R&D Facility houses…

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Thin Film Nano Coating NBR

Oricus Semicon’s new line of NBR-C Rubber are based on our in-house…

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Material Science Behind Our Products

A considerable amount of R&D and laboratory work goes on behind the scenes for the compounds used in our line of Rubber Tips. Our rubber compounds are developed, mixed and molded entirely in-house, giving us the control…

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Who We Are

Quality and Compliance

Our Relentless Pursuit of Quality Excellence and Compliance to all Industry Standards

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