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Groove Design - EP X-Grooev Tip 1 - EP X-Grooev Tip 2 - EP X-Grooev Tip 1 - EP X-Grooev Tip 2


Engineering Plastic Groove Tips are specifically designed for thin die applications with die thickness ≤0.1mm. Tips used for Thin die applications require stable vacuum force while maximizing tip to die or device surface contact area.

The design of our Groove Tips features a central vacuum hole, connected to multiple vacuum channeling grooves on the surface of the tip, which enhance seven and distributed suction force coverage to specific areas of the die or device. Our proprietary groove designs help to hold the thin dies gently and securely during the application process.

Oricus manufactures a wide range of customized Groove Tips with sizes and configurations designed to suit your application. We have the capabilities to machine micro grooves with widths as narrow as 0.2mm.


  • Offers a regulated suction program to maximize suction force and tip to die contact
  • Can be made in Round, Square, Rectangular and Custom outer profiles with different groove designs
  • Groove options available between X profiles, Plus profiles, Asterisk profiles, Multi-Groove profiles or Scattered profiles
  • Certain models of Engineering Plastics with E6-E9 Static Dissipative properties to ensure proper Electrostatic Discharge
  • Harder than Rubber and softer than Steel/Carbide Groove Tips
  • Higher wear resistance as compared to Rubber and lower wear resistance as compared to Steel/Carbide Groove Tips
  • Higher temperature resistance as compared to Rubber and lower temperature resistance as compared to Steel/Carbide Groove Tips


  • Minimizes the formation of voids on the substrate after the thin die has been placed or bonded
  • Provides distributed vacuum forces to selected locations of dies or devices
  • Compared to Flat Tips or Vacuum Relief designs, Groove Tips offers a balanced mix of surface contact and vacuum suction
  • Engineering Plastic Groove Tips are more forgiving when less than optimal bond force is applied and will be less likely to damage the die or die surface as compared to Steel or Carbide Groove Tips

Material Information

Each and every material selected for use in our products go through a stringent Selection, Development, and Assessment process. In-house developed compounds are developed with the latest innovations in material technology and feature formulations that are designed specially for use in the Semiconductor industry. For externally procured materials, each material goes through a rigorous Quality Assurance and Performance Assessment programme before being qualified for use in our products.

Material Description Hardness ESD Surface Resistance (Ω) Service Temperatures (Deg C)
Engineering Plastics (EP) Polycarbonate Rockwell M18-99/M65 - 122 Insulative (>E10) >85/130
TECAFORM SD Ball indentation 74 Mpa Static Dissipative (E9 - E11 ) 100
Delrin (ESD) Rockwell M75 Conductive (< E5) 107
Delrin (Black) Rockwell M89,R122 Insulative (>E10) 121
Delrin (White) Ball indentation 185 MPa Insulative (>E10) 110
POM Rockwell M75 - 94 Insulative (>E10) 100
PEEK Rockwell M55 - 100 Insulative (>E10) 260
PEEK HT Rockwell M100 Insulative (>E10) 260
PEEK GF 30% Rockwell M70 - 103 Insulative (>E10) 260
PEEK CF 30% Rockwell M70 - 107 (298 MPa) Static Dissipative (E6 to E9) 260
Performance Engineering Plastics (SP) Torlon 4435 (PAI ESD) Rockwell M106, E62 Static Dissipative (E6 to E9) 278
Torlon 4301 (PAI) Rockwell E70 - 72 Insulative (>E10) 279
Torlon 5030 (PAI) Rockwell E90 - 94 Insulative (>E10) 278
Torlon 7130 (PAI) Rockwell E91 - 94 Conductive (< E5) 282
Vespel SCP5050 (PI) Rockwell E63 Conductive (< E5) 300
Vespel SP-21 (PI) Rockwell E25-45 Insulative (>E10) 310
Vespel SP-1 (PI) Rockwell E45-60 Insulative (>E10) 300
ESD Semitron 520 Rockwell M110, E73 Static Dissipative (E10 to E12) 250
ESD Semitron 420 Rockwell M118 Static Dissipative (E6 to E9) 171
ESD Semitron 410C Rockwell M115 Static Dissipative (E4 to E6) 170
ESD Semitron 225 Rockwell M106 Static Dissipative (E9 - E10) 90

Product Information

Standard Sizes

Part Number X (mm) Y (mm)
PS-EBGX-UD01-04000400-01 4.00 4.00
PS-EBGX-UD01-06000600-01 6.00 6.00
PS-EBGX-UD01-08000800-01 8.00 8.00
PS-EBGX-UD01-10001000-01 10.00 10.00

Customized Designs

If you are unable to find a size that fits your application from our catalog, get in touch with us and our Application Experts will provide you with a customized turnkey solution according to your die size, process and application.

Part Numbers And Ordering

PS – Pick Up Tool with Square and Rectangular Profiles PR – Pick Up Tool with Round Profiles
  • W –Hybrid Carbide
  • V – Full Carbide
  • Y – Superalloys
  • L – Stainless Steels
  • S – Steels
  • F – Non-Ferrous
  • E – Engineering Plastics
  • P - Performance Engineering Plastics
A to Z Refer to material tables for full listing
  • F – Flat
  • R – Relief
  • G – Groove
  • M – Multi-Hole
  • C – Side Clamp
Multiple codes depending on specific features
  • AP - Alphasem
  • AS – ASM
  • CA – Canon Bestem
  • DA – Datacon
  • EE – ESEC
  • EM – EMTEC
  • HA – Hitachi
  • MR – MRSI
  • PA – Palomar
  • SR - Shibaura
  • SW – Shinkawa
  • UD – Universal Design
0 1
Machine Model
01 to 99 according to different machine models
0 8 0 0
Tip Length or Tip OD Code
For lengths:
4 digit code 1590 = 15.9mm
For OD:
4 digit code 0800 = 8mm
0 8 0 0
Tip Width Code or
Tip ID Code
For widths:
4 digit code 0518 = 5.18mm
For ID:
4 digit code 0600 = 6mm
1 to 99