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Hybrid Pick Up Tools

Hybrid Pick Up Tools Overview

Hybrid Pick Up Tools are typically made of 2 materials, Alloy Steel for the tool body and Tungsten Carbide for the tool tip. We offer different joint technologies for the Metal-Carbide bond, which is dependent on your application requirements. Hybrid Tools offer the performance of Tungsten Carbide tools at a modesty higher price point of Alloy Steel tools.

Alloy Steels are high hardness, abrasion resistant steels which are achieved by the formation of carbides within the matrix. Due to these properties, we use them for the Tool Bodies of the Hybrid Tools.

Hybrid Pick Up Tools Tips are typically made of Tungsten Carbide for demanding Pick and Place applications with high requirements for strength, temperature, and wear resistance. In special applications in which small thin dies are handled with high bond force, we recommend Hybrid Tool Tips made out of Hardened Superalloys with an option for secondary coating.