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Finger Clamps and Bridges

LWC-02 Assembly 1
LWC-02 Assembly 2
LWC-02 Assembly 1 LWC-02 Assembly 2


Finger Clamps and Bridges are used in the Wedge Bonding process, which is also commonly known as Aluminium Bonding. Power devices, High Current devices and Chip-on-Board (COB) applications that have a high level of current passing through the die and lead fingers interconnect are candidates for Wedge Bonding.

Bridges are used to hold the Finger Clamps in place, while the Finger Clamps contact the leads of the leadframe for the Wedge Bonding process. The screw thread positions on the Bridges will be customized according to your leadframe and Finger Clamp design.

Oricus manufactures a wide range of Finger Clamps and Bridges to fit a wide range of machines from OEMs such as K&S, Palomar, F&K and more. Finger Clampsand Bridges are fully customizable to your leadframe design and application requirements.


  • Designed for your application to fit a wide range of different Wedge Bonding machines
  • Each finger clamp is machined to exacting tolerances of positioning and flatness to minimize offset and clamping issues
  • Materials used are carefully selected which provides the right level of hardness for holding the lead fingers and at the same time offering pliability and resilience to ensure the lead fingers do not crack when in use
  • Finger Clamps and Bridges are designed to allow for micro adjustments to cater to variations in leadframe dimensions


  • Finger Clamps come in 2 or 3 layer stacks, depending on your leadframe and wire position
  • Design offers uniform clamping forces to be applied throughout all the lead fingers to ensure stability and minimum float during bonding
  • Application oriented design offers high yield, high productivity with minimum downtime
  • Design team will study your package requirements and Wedge Bonder equipment to offer you a fuss-free tailormade solution

Material Information

Each and every material selected for use in our products go through a stringent Selection, Development and Assessment process. In-house developed compounds are developed with the latest innovations in material technology and feature formulations that are designed specially for use in the Semiconductor industry. For externally procured materials, each material goes through a rigorous Quality Assurance and Performance Assessment programme before being qualified for use in our products.

Material Description Hardness ESD Surface Resistance (Ω) Service Temperatures (Deg C)
Superalloys (SA) Haynes 25 (L605) HRC 20 - 22 Conductive (< E2) >800
Inconel Alloy 625 HRC 30.5 - 41 Conductive (< E2) >800
Inconel Alloy 718 HRC 23 - 48 Conductive (< E2) >800
Incoloy Alloy 925 HRC 26 - 38 Conductive (< E2) >800
Nitronic 50 HRC 22 - 41 Conductive (< E2) >800
Nitronic 60 HRC 24 - 46 Conductive (< E2) >800
Titanium Grade 2 HRC 3 - 16 Conductive (< E2) >800
Stellite 6 HRC 36 - 46 Conductive (< E2) >800
Stellite 31 HRC 30 Conductive (< E2) >800
Stainless Steel (SS) 15-5 PH HRB 99 - 104 Conductive (< E2) >500
17-4 PH HRC 29 - 44 Conductive (< E2) >500
SUS 430F HRB 85 - 92 Conductive (< E2) >500
SUS 420 HRB 92- 95 Conductive (< E2) >500
SUS 440C HRB 97 Conductive (< E2) >500
SUS 316 HRB 79 - 95 Conductive (< E2) >500
SUS 301 HRB 85 Conductive (< E2) >500
SUS 304 HRB 80 - 92 Conductive (< E2) >500
SUS 303 HRB 83 Conductive (< E2) >500
HSS, HM33 HRC 65 - 68 Conductive (< E2) >500
HSS HRC 65 Conductive (< E2) >500

Product Information

Standard Sizes

Part Number Number of Vacuum Pads
WLS-LE-KA0001-01 7
WLS-LE-KA0002-01 3
WLS-LE-KA0003-01 6
WLS-LE-KA0004-01 4

Customized Designs

If you are unable to find a size that fits your application from our catalog, get in touch with us and our Application Experts will provide you with a customized turnkey solution according to your die size, process and application.

Part Numbers And Ordering

WL– Large Wire Bond
  • F – Finger Clamp
  • B – Bridge
  • S – Finger Clamp + Bridge (Set)
  • A – Anvil Block
  • L – Stainless Steels
  • S – Steels
  • W – Carbide
A to Z Refer to material tables for full listing
  • K – K&S
  • F – F&K
  • P –Palomar
A to Z according to different machine models
0 0 0 1
0001 – 9999 Serial to identify the specific design of this tool
1 to 99