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Die Attach

Die Attach Overview

Die Attach, also alternatively known as Die Bonding, is the highly precise process of attaching a semiconductor die/chip to a substrate or package such as a leadframe, die or PCB board.

Die Attach Die Bonding

In the Semiconductor assembly process, Die Attach is an important process which considers the operational conditions, environmental factors and reliability requirements of the final device.

The bond formation between the die and the package, substrate or another die has the following objectives:

  • Good mechanical bond between the die and the substrate/package
  • Even and uniform contact between the die and substrate/package that the die is being attached to
  • Efficient heat transfer and dissipation for proper thermal management for the application
  • Thermal stability that ensures the bond between the die and substrate/package does not degrade under application specific temperature environments

Die Attach Techniques

Adhesive Die Attach

Adhesive Die Attach is one of the most widely used methods in the industry due to its economical and high speed nature, which uses adhesives such as epoxy and polyimide for bond formation a die and a substrate/package.

Eutectic Die Attach

Sometimes known as Eutectic Die Bonding or Fluxless Eutectic Solder Attach refers to the process of attaching a die to a substrate/package using a metallic alloy as an intermediary for the formation of electrically conductive and highly thermal bonds.

Solder Reflow Die Attach

Solder Reflow Die Attach uses solder paste for the attachment and bonding of SMT devices.  The speed of Solder Reflow is comparable to Adhesive Die Attach, at the same time, it provides a high level of thermal conductivity required for the application.

Flip Chip Die Attach

Flip Chip Die Attach is a process which electrical interconnects between the die and the substrate/package are made directly by inverting the die and connecting its bond pads in a corresponding pattern of bond pads on another substrate.

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