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Environment Health and Safety

Environment, Health and Safety

Playing Our Part Towards Net Zero

Oricus is committed to a working environment that places a strong emphasis on health, safety and security. Every member of our staff is empowered in their own area. We encourage all our staff to achieve a healthy work life balance. Through our employee programmes, we educate our staff on their roles and responsibilities to adhere to the Health & Safety and Organization Systems of the company.

Occupational and Hazard Safety

Oricus prides itself on a high standard of Occupational Safety Management for all our facilities. Workplace safety and employee well being is an integral part of our culture and corporate fabric. All workplaces are regularly audited by risk assessment protocols and procedures. Relevant Health & Safety procedures are implemented for each department across all business units. Occupational Safety walkthrough and briefings and mandatory for all employees prior to commencement of employment.

Chemicals and Equipment Safety

Chemicals and Equipment are essential tools used in our day to day manufacturing processes. In view of the critical function of Chemicals and Equipment, we have strict procedures and measures put into place, based on risk assessment and risk-management measures, including relevant industry best practices. Emphasis on safety related to Chemical and Equipment and emphasized during operational training. We conduct regular fire and emergency evacuation exercises to prepare for emergency situations.

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