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Adhesive Systems

Adhesive Systems Overview

Our Adhesive Systems lineup comprises of Dispensing Tools, Stamping Tools, Spanker Tools and Flux Systems. Each of these tools play a crucial role in the Adhesive Dispensing process.

Adhesive Dispensing Tools consists of primarily Adhesive Dispensing Nozzles and Adhesive Stamping Tools. Both tools are used for the application of adhesives to leadframes or substrates albeit with different adhesive delivery methods.

Adhesive Dispensing Nozzles are designed with Single Tubing or Multi Tubing according to the process, application or pattern requirements. Single Tubing Adhesive Dispensing Nozzles are suited for dotting micro amounts of adhesives for small die sizes or used as an Adhesive Writing Pen. Multi Tubing designs allows for better throughput with a higher volume of adhesive delivery within the same timeframe.

Adhesive Stamping Tool’s primary function is to transfer adhesives from the Flux Plate or Rotating Cup onto the leadframe or substrate.

Flux Systems comprises of two main components, Flux Plates and Blade Scrapers. Flux Plate’s primary function is to hold the flux within the reservoir while the stamping tool dips into the flux for transfer to the leadframe or substrate.

The precision of the Flux Plates and Blade Scrapers are of significant importance in the implementation of a successful adhesive stamping process.

Oricus’s Adhesive Systems are designed and manufactured according to your selected adhesive’s viscosity and thixotropy specifications to ensure optimal dispensing performance.