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Ejection Systems

Ejection Systems

Our Ejection Systems product line is made up of Standard Ejector Needles, Twin Ejector Needles, Quad Ejector Needles, Needle Holders and Pepper Pots.

Standard Needles are used to eject singulated dies from the wafer tape. Ejection Systems Needle designs such as Piece Through or Non-Piece Through are available, depending on your particular application.

Twin Needles are designed for small elongated die applications (≤0.7mmx1.0mm) to reduce the propensity of tilted dies during the ejection process. For elongated dies, single tip needles with one point of contact will create a pivot action and cause the die to see-saw when being ejected.

Quad Needles are designed for small die applications (≤1.0mm x 1.0mm) to reduce the propensity of tilted dies during the ejection process, where using multiple Standard Needles poses a space constraint. As compared to the single needle with spherical radius concept, Quad Needles greatly increases the stability and performance of the small die ejection process with minimum die tilt.

Needle Holders are a critical interface component between the machine and the rest of the components of a die ejection system. Typically, Needle Holders are used in combination with Ejector Needles and Pepper Pots.

Pepper Pots are designed to ensure that there is sufficient downwards vacuum suction force on the wafer tape to facilitate a smooth die ejection process. The layout and number of vacuum holes plays an important role for the target die and neighboring dies to be processed optimally.