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Holding Systems

Holding Systems Overview

Holding Systems for Die Attach are made up of Anvil Blocks and Comb Clamps, each of them playing a specific role to ensure components are securely held during the Die Attach process.

Anvil Block is a workholding component used in the Die Attach process to secure the carrier during epoxy dispensing. According to the pad size and pitch of your leadframe or substrate, we will customize our Anvil Block designs with dedicated vacuum hole positions for your application.

Comb Clamps are used for clamping the leadframe or substrate firmly onto the Anvil Block during the Die Attach process. The function of the combs of each jaw is to secure the leads or dam bar of the leadframe. The Comb Clamps are used in addition to vacuum suction on the Anvil Block for an added layer of security especially for critical packages.