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Matrix Tips

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Rubber Matrix Tips are superior solution for thin die applications with die thickness ≤0.1mm. Tips used for Thin die applications require stable vacuum force while maximizing tip to die surface contact area.

The design of our Rubber Matrix Tips features multiple vacuum holes drilled on the surface of the tip, in a distributed matrix layout. This design greatly enhances surface contact and stable suction force coverage throughout the surface of the die. Our Matrix Tip designs, used in combination with our Tri-Lock holders, offer Best-in-Class performance for thin die applications.

Oricus manufactures a wide range of customized Matrix Tips with sizes and configurations designed to suit your application. Vacuum holes ≤ 0.4mm can be made in the vacuum holes layout of your choice.


  • Maximum surface contact between tip and the die or device
  • Suitable for use with our Tri-Lock, Compression and Magnetic Holders
  • Available in NBR, HPR, UPR and CR Rubber Materials
  • 50-90 Shore A Hardness levels to cater to wide range of applications
  • E6-E9 Static Dissipative properties to ensure proper Electrostatic Discharge
  • Can be made in Round, Square, Rectangular and Custom outer profiles
  • Size and layout of the vacuum holes are fully customizable


  • Allows the application of well balanced and strong vacuum suction throughout the Pick and Place process to ensure the elimination of voids
  • Matrix Tips offers enhanced surface contact as compared to Groove Tips, ensuring the uniform application of bond force of the die to the substrate
  • Additional surface contact does not come at the expense of sticky die performance when used with our Anti-Stick rubber compounds
  • Matrix Tip designs, coupled with our Tri-Lock holders and industry leading rubber compounds offer unrivaled turnkey thin die handling performance

Material Information

All our rubber compounds are entirely developed in-house by our Material Science R&D team. These compounds are developed with the latest innovations in rubber technology and feature formulations that are designed specially for use in the Semiconductor industry. Extra pure formulations that leave no marks on die, wide range of Shore A hardnesses, Static Dissipative properties, long tool life and full RoHS & REACH compliance are the hallmarks of our rubber compounds.

Material Description Hardness ESD Surface Resistance (Ω) Service Temperatures (Deg C)
NBR Shore A 75-80 Static Dissipative (E6 to E9) 130
NBR (Soft) Shore A 50-55 Static Dissipative (E6 to E9) 130
NBR (Hard) Shore A 85-90 Static Dissipative (E6 to E9) 130
NBR (Coated) Shore A 75-80 Static Dissipative (E6 to E9) 150
HPR Shore A 75-80 Static Dissipative (E6 to E9) 260
HPR (Soft) Shore A 50-55 Static Dissipative (E6 to E9) 250
HPR (Hard) Shore A 85-90 Static Dissipative (E6 to E9) 285
UPR Shore A 75-80 Static Dissipative (E6 to E9) 400
CR (ESD) Shore A 75-80 Static Dissipative (E6 to E9) 120
CR Shore A 75-80 Insulative (>E10) 120

Product Information

Standard Sizes

Part Number X or OD (mm) Y (mm) ID (mm)
RST-HBMH-12160683-60-1 12.16 6.83 0.4
RST-HBMH-11800463-60-1 11.80 4.63 0.4
RST-HBMH-12380437-60-1 12.38 4.37 0.4
RST-HBMH-12270638-60-1 12.27 6.38 0.4
RST-HBMH-04430180-60-1 4.43 1.80 0.4

Customized Designs

If you are unable to find a size that fits your application from our catalog, get in touch with us and our Application Experts will provide you with a customized turnkey solution according to your die size, process and application.

Part Numbers And Ordering

RM - Molded Square & Rectangular Tips RN - Molded Round Tips RS - Secondary Process Square & Rectangular Tips RR - Secondary Process Round Tip
Tool Holder
  • C - Common Holder
  • T - Tri-Lock Holder
  • P - Compression Holder
  • N - Magnetic Holder
  • M - Modified T-Lock
  • N - NBR
  • H - HPR
  • U - UPR
  • C - CR
  • A - Hard
  • B - Medium
  • C - Soft
  • F - Flat
  • R - Relief
  • G - Groove
  • M - Multi-Hole
  • C - Side Clamp
Multiple codes depending on specific features
1 1 8 0
Tip length or Tip OD Code
For lengths:
4 digit code 0800 = 8mm
For OD:
4 digit code 0800 = 8mm
0 4 6 3
Tip widths or Tip iD Code
For widths:
4 digit code 0600 = 6mm
For ID:
4 digit code 0600 = 6mm
6 0
For thickness:
2 digit code 50 = 5mm
Only applicable to Tri-Lock and Compression Tips
1 to 99