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Carbide Tools

Carbide Pick Up Tools Overview

Carbide Pick Up Tools are the toughest tools in our product lineup. We recommend the use of Carbide Pick Up Tools for the most demanding Pick and Place applications with high requirements for strength, temperature, and wear resistance.

Cemented carbide is a composite material of a soft binder metal together with a hard carbide. Carbide powder, generally between 70-97% of the total weight, is mixed with a binder metal, usually cobalt or nickel. This mixture is then compacted in a die and sintered in a furnace. The carbide particles form a metallurgical bond with the binder in the sintering process.

Carbide PickUp Tools are harder, more wear resistant and more temperature resistant than Rubber, Engineering Plastics and Alloy Steels Pick Up Tools and remain the undisputed leader in terms of tool life.

The benefits of Carbide PickUp Tools are apparent, but it also comes at a higher cost. Oricus manufactures Carbide tools in single piece construction or hybrid construction (Carbide + Steel), to offer price competitive solutions for your particular application.

We manufacture Carbide PickUp Tools in Square, Rectangular, and Custom outer profiles with tips designs such as Flat, Vacuum Relief, Groove, Multi-Hole, or Side Contact.