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Carbide Pick Up Tools

Pick Up Tools Overview

The family of Pick Up Tools designed and manufactured by Oricus consists of Tungsten Carbide Pick Up Tools, Hybrid Pick Up Tools, Alloy/Superalloy Steels Pick Up Tools  and Engineering Plastics Pick Up Tools.

Tungsten Carbide Pick Up Tools are the toughest tools in our product lineup. We recommend the use of Tungsten Carbide Pick Up Tools for the most demanding Pick and Place applications with high requirements for strength, temperature and wear resistance.

Hybrid Pick Up Tools are typically made of 2 materials, Alloy Steel for the tool body and Tungsten Carbide for the tool tip. We offer different joint technologies for the Metal-Carbide bond, which is dependent on your application requirements. Hybrid Tools offer the performance of Tungsten Carbide tools at a modesty higher price point of Alloy Steel tools.

Alloy Steel Pick Up Tools are tools made from Tool Steels, Stainless Steels and Superalloys. We select Alloy Steels for tools that require high bond force, high temperature resistance and high resistance to wear.

Engineering Plastic (EP) Pick Up Tools are a family of polymeric Pick Up Tools made primarily from materials such POM, PI, PAI and PEI compounds.

Material Grades and Tool Designs are extensively researched and carefully developed by our R&D and Design team to ensure industry leading performance at a competitive price point.

Carbide Pick Up Tools

Flat Tip Design

Tungsten Carbide Flat Tip designs offers the best structural support for minimal die flex in applications where these qualities are desirable.

Vacuum Relief Design

For applications that require large reliefs with reduced tool body diameters, Carbide Relief tips allows extra thin wall thickness not possible with other...

Groove Design

Thin die applications that require superior contact surface flatness of a Matrix design, Tungsten Carbide is our material of choice for such tools.

Multi Hole Design

Tungsten Carbide Contact designs offers the thinnest wall frames amongst all materials. Specially suited for applications with limited room to the...

Side Contact Design

Tungsten Carbide Quad Contact designs are used for applications with space constraints, extra thin wall frames and high wear resistance requirements.


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