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Thin Film Nano Coating NBR

Thin Film Nano Coating NBR - C Rubber

Oricus Semicon’s new line of NBR-C Rubber are based on our in-house developed Acrylonitrile Butadiene (Buna-N polymer) compound with a secondary Thin Film Nano Coating process to give it superb high temperature resistance with exceptional anti-tack performance.

The NBR-C compound is specially customized for our line of rubber tips that are available in Flat Tip, Vacuum Relief, Groove, Multi-Hole and Side Clamp configurations.

As compared to standard NBR, our NBR-C compound improved heat resistance allows for continuous use temperature of up to 130°C and excursion temperatures up to 150°C. In addition to heat resistance, our NBR-C also performs exceptionally well in wear resistance tests, as compared to base NBR, NBR-C is at least 30% more wear resistant when operational temperatures are above 100°C.

NBR-C material is cost competitive as compared to our HPR grades based on Fluoroelastomers. For DAF Die Attach applications, NBR-C offers exceptional value for its performance.