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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Customer First Attitude

The Oricus Code of Conduct (the “CoC”) outlines out the values that guide us as we work to fulfill our duties for the organization. It applies to all Oricus employees, officers, managers and directors from all business units and all departments, globally.

We require partners, suppliers and agents to respect and follow similar conduct and principles. As a global team, we have earned the trust of our customers and partners by keeping to the highest standards of morals, ethics and conduct. This is the culture and tradition that defines us as a company and the definition of the character of each of our people.

The Code of Conduct are guidelines of the standards we want to live up to. We put the Code into the actions of our day to day activities. It is expected for us to act in linewith the definitions and objectives of the Code of Conduct, and to comply with all related company policies, laws and regulations. When faced with an moral, ethical or law related matter, we approach the situation with the Code of Conduct in mind.

Oricus aims to be a ethical and responsible business partner, and to act responsibly towards our partners, customers and the community at large. The responsibility of the Board of Directors and the Management Team is to ensure that the Code of Conduct is properly communicated and executed.

The essence of the Code is of paramount importance during the decision making process of whether or not to engage or continue relationships with partners, contractors and suppliers.

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