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Non Ferrous Tools

Engineering Plastic Pick Up Tools Overview

Engineering Plastic (EP) Pick Up Tools are a family of polymeric Pick Up Tools made primarily from materials such POM, PI, PAI and PEI compounds.

Standard EP grades like Delrin are suitable for operating temperatures 120°. For applications that require high temperature and wear resistance, we will recommend the use of Performance Engineering Plastics (PEP) such as PI/PAI polymers.

PEPs have continuous service temperatures of >200°C, are stronger, harder, more wear resistant and more chemically stable. Chemistries include polyimide (PI), polyamide-imide (PAI) and polyether-imide (PEI), augmented with additions of carbon-fibre, glass-fibre, graphite, PTFE. PEPs are suitable for use as an alternative to metals.

Engineering Plastic Pick Up Tools can be made in Round, Square, Rectangular and Custom outer profiles. Our engineers will assess each application and propose a tip face design type such as Flat, Vacuum Relief, Groove, Multi-Hole or Side Contact to be coupled with the EP/PEP material that is suitable for your process.